Country Life

Original release:
8-track tape: Atco M-8383 (1972)

  1. Country Life
  2. Big Change Comin'

  3. Only You Know And I Know

  4. Sound Of The City

  5. I'm On Fire

  6. Superstar (Groupie)

  7. Move 'Em Out

  8. Wade In The River Jordan

  9. Try A Little Harder

10. Well, Well

11. I Know Something Good About You

12. Coming Home

Duane Allman plays on track 5.

This album was only released by Atco as an 8-track tape:

Atco sold Delaney & Bonnie's contract and the master tapes of this album to CBS, who released it as 'D & B Together' on the Columbia label (KC-31377, 1972) with the tracks in another sequence and 'Try A Little Harder' replaced by 'I Know How It Feels To Be Lonely'.

The 'D & B Together' version of 'A Good Thing (I'm On Fire)' was re-mixed and the guitar solo at the end of the song was edited out.
Listen to the 'D & B Together' version here:

The 'Country Life' version of 'Try A Little Harder' was later used on Delaney Bramlett's solo album 'Some Things Coming' (1972).
The song was edited down from 8:22 minutes to 6:13 and Bonnie Bramlett's vocals were re-recorded by another female singer (Sherlie Matthews ?).
Listen to the 'Some Things Coming' version here: